“A few years ago, I was cycling down PCH in Carlsbad when a distracted driver hit me from behind. I flipped over the truck and landed on my head suffering a traumatic brain injury, fractured back, broken nose, broken skull and appeared to have slid down a giant cheese grater.

Once I was out of the trauma center, my cousin (then a judge in NY) began interviewing the top lawyers in San Diego and settled on Dave Fox. He picked well. Dave makes it a point to connect and really understand you and your life before strategizing a plan to handle compensation. He was kind. He was obviously smart. And he shot straight about the case. He helped get me into the top specialists who made all the difference in my recovery. When you are that messed up or suffering, it’s incredibly comforting to have somebody competent take control and help navigate the harsh legal world of recovery.

At first it appeared that my case would be a disaster. The driver was from another state carrying the minimal $15,000.00 insurance and had no real assets. But Dave investigated all other means and ended up building a complex case in a way that turned out WAY better than my family expected. I’m not sure the average lawyer would have had the tenacity or the smarts to dig around and dissect the complexities of insurance in the successful way that Dave did. Highly recommended.”