Fox Law Secures $2 Million Result in a Motor Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident

December 1, 2020

Fox Law is proud to have obtained a $2 million-dollar result arising from an accident where a motor vehicle hit a pedestrian. Law enforcement found the pedestrian (plaintiff) completely at fault and issued a report with that finding. The driver was traveling under the 45mph speed limit on a road in San Diego and struck the pedestrian who crossed a busy street at dusk and not at a crosswalk. Multiple witnesses blamed the pedestrian. Nonetheless, Fox Law attorneys suspected there was more to the story and assembled a team of top engineers and specialists in accident reconstruction and biomechanics to take a deeper look. They successfully established that this was a case of shared responsibility. They established the driver had more than ample time to react to the pedestrian, and must have been distracted while driving given the long sight distance and additional factors. We are proud to have obtained this result in a very difficult case.

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