Fox Law Obtains $2,000,000 for a Wounded Warrior Marine Injured on his Motorcycle and Initially Found at Fault

May 21, 2020

Fox Law is proud to have obtained a $2 million-dollar result for a four-tour veteran marine and Wounded Warrior.  While driving his motorcycle, he accidentally rear-ended a vehicle that was stopped in the road in front of him. He suffered significant orthopedic injuries to both arms as a result of the collision. At the outset of the case, our client’s insurance company deemed that he was 100% responsible for hitting the vehicle in front of him, and even paid out property damage claims to the vehicle in front of him.  A traffic collision report also came to a similar conclusion blaming the client.

Fox Law and the client saw things differently.  After nearly two years of pushing the case, interviewing witnesses, and engaging engineers to reconstruct the accident, Fox Law established there was a second vehicle in front of the car the client hit that shared responsibility for the accident.  As a result, Fox Law flipped the initial liability finding and secured a $2 million result.  This resolution will truly help this veteran, and his wife and children for years to come. We have been honored to represent this military family during this difficult time, and to provide them the justice they deserve.

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