Fox Law Obtains $1.43M Jury Verdict Against Ralphs for Slip and Fall Shoulder Injury

December 17, 2018

After over a year of litigation, Ralphs Grocery Company was held responsible for a shoulder injury caused by a wet floor in one of its stores in Oceanside, California. On September 16, 2015, Fox Law client, Vicki,was shopping for food at Ralph’s when she slipped in an unmarked puddle of water. During the fall, she reached back to brace herself falling on her right arm and injuring her shoulder.

Ralph’s denied liability up until the eve of trial and vigorously fought the case. It claimed that it was conducting routine sweeps of the floor, had no notice of the wet floor, and that Vicki’s claimed injuries and damages were exaggerated.  In a week-long and hard fought trial, Ralph’s was held accountable for the injuries and damages they caused when a jury returned a verdict in Vicki’s favor for $1,434,086.86. We are proud of the result that will provide peace of mind and relief to a truly deserving client.