Fox Law Recovers $4.88 Million For Deserving Clients

June 30, 2018

Fox Law recently recovered $4.88 million for its clients Allan and Mary.   On September 21, 2016, a California commercial delivery company brought a 1,300lb barbeque to Allan’s residence.  Allan (65) and Mary (64) came outside to accept the delivery.  During delivery, the deliverymen dropped the barbeque off of the delivery truck’s liftgate and onto Allan.

The delivery company denied liability and vigorously fought the case.  It sued the manufacturer of the barbeque alleging it was an unsteady defective product.  It also sued the middle-man company that brought it the barbeque, claiming the instructions and warnings the middle-man gave it were inadequate.  The company also blamed Allan for getting in the way and disrupting the delivery process.  It also argued that the majority of Allan’s injuries preexisted the incident.  In a hard-fought case, involving two dozen experts, Fox Law found justice for Allan and Mary just before the start of trial.  We are proud of the result and believe the settlement will provide great relief to this deserving family.