The Butte fire in Amador and Calaveras counties started on September 9th and burned through October 1st of 2015; this encompassed what was one of the greatest fire calamities to ever strike not only California, but all of North America. According CDF data’s Cal Fire, 475 residences, 343 outbuildings and 45 structures were damaged, not to mention two civilian fatalities, at least one injury and countless Californians left without a place to call home.

The fire is now 100% contained, but consumed over 70,000 acres and with it, almost 1,000 homes and properties east of Jackson, CA. Local fire agencies, the Red Cross and FEMA were called to the scene after President Barak Obama declared the area to be a federal disaster. While this helped comfort many of the victims of the accident tremendously, including those individuals who volunteered their time and donated to the communities effected, this will not bring back their homes, nor all their possessions, from home entertainment systems to family photos, which were incinerated with the blaze.

This has many questioning what caused the massive fire and who is to blame for the loss of all their belongings. It is true that California, and much of the west coast, has been and will continue to be in extreme drought conditions creating a serious fire hazard zone; however, the victims of the fire want answers, and extensive investigations are currently under way to determine the cause of the initial fire. To date, many have alleged that utilities company Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) are responsible for the start of the fire, as they in fact publically stated that a fallen power line that hit a tree may have caused the devastation of the area.

This wouldn’t be the first time that PG&E have been determined as the cause of public disasters in California, as the company was grounds for the Oscar nominated Erin Brockovich in relation to their equipment leaking chemicals that invested the town of Hinckley, as well as to the record fine of $1.6 billion dollars in April 2010 when a pipeline exploded killing eight people and injuring many more. While PG&E is a massive corporate player providing much of the State with their energy needs, the firm cannot be left unaccountable as many lives have been shattered from last month’s historic fire.

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