San Diego Motorcycle Accident Results in One Death and One Injury

October 9, 2015

A small truck accident with two motorcycles has killed one man. The motorcyclists were stopped on Route 54 at the time of the crash. The accident happened in the morning of Tuesday, September 22nd. The two had pulled over onto a median near a connection from west Route 54 to North I-5. The National City motorcycle accident happened around 6:00 a.m. The pickup in the accident was was a Ford F-150. The Ford pickup had veered off Route 54 causing the San Diego motorbike crash.

After being hit by the pickup truck, both of the motorcyclists were thrown into traffic. The two motorcycles the motorcyclists were riding were also sent into the highway and one of the motorcycles burst into flames. First responders rushed the two motorcyclists to UCSD Hospital and this was where one of them passed away. The man that passed away was a resident of San Diego and was aged 27. Police have held off releasing the name of the motorcyclist who died since his family has not been informed of his death in the South Bay motorcycle collision. The other motorcycle rider was hospitalized so he could receive treatment for his injuries that are considered severe. The driver of the Ford was given a sobriety test after the accident and passed the test. California Highway Patrol investigators are continuing to research the crash.

Motorcycle accidents in California have seen a significant increase. Across the Golden State, motorbike crashes and deaths grew 23% in a time period studied. The time period started in 2003 and ended in 2012. This is the latest information available to statisticians from the California state accident tracking database. Motorcycle collisions actually fell by 16% in 2009 and 2010, however, the last two years of data studied showed that drop to be an aberration. During the same time period, car accidents and deaths actually dropped in the Golden State. While policy makers and statisticians are still working on determining why motorcycle accidents are on the rise, many suspect that high gas prices have driven more people to motorcycles. As more people have chosen to make motorcycles their main means of transportation, more inexperienced motorcyclists have hit the roads. The year round temperate weather of California also contributes to motorcycle accidents and deaths since the weather enables people to ride their motorcycles throughout the year. Finally, the drought conditions that have plagued California for the last half decade have also enabled motorcyclists to ride their bikes more.

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